Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz the ‘Task Slayer’; Fans say, “Need a friend like Umar in this world”

Umar Riaz is the task slayer as he nails it in the task and has set an example how to play tasks. Fans call him that they need a friend like Umar Riaz in this world.

Umar Riaz is one of the contestants who has not just proved his worth in the game, but also heard many criticism on his profession and his relationships in the house. Umar Riaz has proved his worth of what a loyal friend he is and set a benchmark how to perform tasks. 

Umar had fever and also had many cuts on his body yet he did not utter a word but played task. He has kept is heart and soul in the task and won one round and burnt Abhijeet’s photo. Fans are appreciating him and one of the tweet read ,”EXCLUSIVE From #BB15 #UmarRiaz Has Played The Task In High Fever  For His Best Friend #KaranKundrra . This is Call True Friend  Chahta To Bimari Ka Bol kr Task Chor Deta.. #BiggBoss15 #UmarArmy #UmRan #UmarIsTheBoss.”


Umar Riaz played the task like a lion and did not give up till the last moment. However, the latest reports speak that the task got Raddh. Have a look at some of the tweets appreciating Umar’s performance in the task:

Rate Umar’s performance in the task and let us know in the comment section. There is no two ways that doctor has won millions of hearts and earned respect from viewers. For more updates and news from the house stay tuned!