Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz, Karan Kundrra and Rajiv Adatia share an emotional moment- “Humara saman idhar hai incase hum kaal jaa rahe ho toh”

The trio- Umar, Rajiv and Karan share a very special bond in the reality show

Bigg Boss 15 have some strong bonds for lifetime as the handsome hunk boys of the house Karan, Umar and Rajiv are the trio that viewers love to watch. In Bigg Boss Live Feed it is seen that the trio are packing their bags and telling that in case they have to leave the house their belongings are in this area.

Umar was earlier also seen telling Tejasswi and Nishant that, “Waah Nishant aur Teja, muje ghar ka khana khila diya ghar jaane se phele.” Later after that Umar and Karan are seen telling Rajiv,” Humara saaman idhar hai incase hum jaa rahe hai.” Rajiv then gets emotional and says, “Are aisa maat bolo yaar,sab…”


The trio then shares a hug and that has definitely left tears in our eyes. From the beginning their friendship has been strong and viewers love them together. Right from their morning dance to having cup of tea together they simply win hearts with their innocent togetherness and fun. It will definitely be a heart breaking moment to see this trio breaking. The further reports also read that according to the Live Feed it seems that Nishant and Rajiv are saved but no confirmation is there on the same.