Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz faces Salman Khan’s wrath for complaining in the ‘Thappad task’; Says, “You come across as a f***ing b**lsh*t man”

In WKV the host Salman Khan loses his cool over Umar Riaz’s constant complaining for getting slapped by the foam hand on the face.

In Bigg Boss 15 ‘s newest task called the Thappad Task contestants were slapped by the enormous fake foam hand on the most recent episode of Weekend Ka Vaar. Host Salman asks a candidate a question, and the selected contestant’s response is voted on by the other contestants. If they don’t like the response, the large automatic foam hand slaps them on the back. As the slaps land hard on Umar Riaz’s face, he gets afraid and claims it hurts. “Sir, my entire body is broken, and I am terrified for my face,” he says. “I don’t want anything to happen to my face.” Umar becomes frightened and complains about the smack after being asked multiple questions. “Did your nose break?” Salman inquires after one slap. He claims it impacted his head, although it may have also hit his nose. He even asks the makers to have the slap land on him slowly.

After completing his task, he returns to the living room and informs the others that the slaps were tougher and more painful. “Umar, you come across as a f***ing b**lsh*t man,” Salman said to Umar after he had already brought Rashami to the chair. Hum sab ko pada hai haar saal yehi haath se yehi haath se yehi haath se yehi haath se yehi haa Shah Rukh ( Shahrukh Khan) ko pada hai, mujhe pada hai, inn, inn sab ko pada hai, Nobody has ever reacted the way you have.”