Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz doesn’t deserve all the hype? Take a look at what the netizens have to say

Netizens talk about Umar Riaz’s position in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Umar Riaz has been the talk of the town, ever since the Top 5 and bottom 6 lists were disclosed on the show. As Umar didn’t make it to the Top 5 list, the fans are distributed. While some find Umar deserving of the Top 5 list, others find him undeserving.
Even ex-contestant like Manu Punjabi, spoke in support of Umar and his strength as a contestant.

As the show comes close to yet another eviction night the debate continues on Umar’s position in Bigg Boss as a fan page on the internet commented about him. The fan page thinks that Umar is an undeserving contestant. They wrote, “Umar Riaz is an overrated contestant and hyped by PR agencies and international fans. He would not have survived a single day if he was not the brother of Asim Riaz.” The page also added that Umar is the product of nepotism as nepotism works on Bigg Boss.


Fans are divided on the matter, some agree with the fan page and say that Umar is indeed undeserving, while others are in support of Umar and disagree of him being a nepotism product. To those unknown, Umar Riaz is the brother of Asim Riaz who was a runner-up on Bigg Boss 13.

What are do you guys think? Is Umar an underserving contestant or is he worth the hype?