Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz declares it’s ‘The END’ for Nishant Bhat, as he discusses VIPS with Vishal Kotian

Umar Riaz and Vishal Kotian talk about Nishant Bhatt and other VIPS.

According to sources in a recent update on Bigg Boss live, Umar Riaz and Vishal Kotian were seen discussing VIPS.

They first discussed Jay Bhanusali and his way to instigate members on small things like shoes, etc. Moving on further into the discussion, they first started making fun of the VIPS, especially Simba Nagpal, saying that after his entry the VIP Zone ended. Reminiscing, they both agreed that them and Nishant Bhat had the most in the room.


While discussing Nishant Bhat, they both agreed on the fact that Nishant is paying a hefty price as he lost people’s trust and got labeled as ‘Dhokebaaz’ after he exposed his game.
On his move, Umar thinks that he should have waited a little longer into the show as him creating a tense environment in the show at this stage only made things worse. Vishal added that, his move even made the contestants unhappy and tense with Nishant.

Umar further suggested that he should start from scratch if he wants to stay on the show. Otherwise, it’s ‘The End’ for Nishant.