Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz butters up Abhijeet Bichukale; Says,” Humara neta kaisa ho? Bichukale jesa ho”

Umar can be seen in a mood to pull legs of new contestant Abhijeet.

Bigg Boss 15 house has been divided into two groups VIP and Non VIP members. On one hand housemates do not have much relations with VIP members but Umar and Rashami’s bond is an exception. In one of the Bigg Boss Extra masala snippet Umar, Rakhi, Rajiv and Karan are seen talking. Umar is seen praising Bichukale and trying to please him so that he plays on Non VIP side.

Karan and Umar try to manuplative him by saying good things to him in a fun way and Bichukale could not help but laugh on it. Umar says,” Aap ek baar game haar ke toh dekho, aap 100 crore Hindustani ka dil jeetoge.” He further adds,” Aaap sirf Bharat ki janta ka nahi lekin gharwalo ka bhi dil jeetoge.” Rakhi then warns Umar not to say such things . Abhijeet says that he will listen to Rakhi only and laughs on it. In the fun banter Umar says that he is the only VIP that he likes. He also mentions that,” Yeh insaan ne mera dil jeet gaya.”


Karan also agrees and supports Umar in this banter if at all things can change. Umar is also seen chanting,” Humara Neta kaisa ho.” Karan then completed the sentence by saying,” Bichukale jesa ho.” Rakhi leaves and says at the end to Karan,” Iski wajah se teri nayah kaal paar nahi hogi.” The video concluded with Abhijeet, Umar, Karan and Rajiv laughing.