Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz army crosses 1 million tweet on Twitter; Trend VIEWERS CHOICE UMAR RIAZ

Umar Riaz army crosses 1 million tweet on trend VIEWERS CHOICE UMAR RIAZ.

Umar Riaz is one of the contestants who is highly qualified and has played his game with ethics, morality and dignity. Umar Riaz was questioned on his game, compared to his brother, profession was brought in the game but he bounced back and came back stronger and harder. Umar Riaz has proved his worth and has been consist in his game and loyal to his relationships.

Fans have started trending VIEWERS CHOICE UMAR RIAZ and that has crosses more than 1 million tweet. One of the tweet read,” This injustice is done to Umar every weekend! Every damn time he’s bashed & bullied and he’s never given a chance even to just say what he feels! Whereas SK can even let people like Abhijit speak but not Umar! VIEWERS CHOICE UMAR RIAZ.”


While the other tweet stated,” He had fever (101) he was injured (scratch on hand) he was fighting alone against 3 people ( devo Pratik rakhi) but never appreciate in wkw, Always bashing, are you blind salman @BeingSalmanKhan? Sorry for my word but “tu bhik chuka hain” VIEWERS CHOICE UMAR RIAZ.” Have a look at some of the tweets by fans here:

His fandom has stood like an army and have supported and showered all their love to the one who deserves to hold the trophy. One of the fans also said that Umar is a trophy material and has ruled millions of hearts with his personality.

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