Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz and Afsana Khan expose Vishal Kotian thoroughly, calls him ‘sabse bada jhutha’

In a recent clip of Bigg Boss 15, Umar Riaz and Afsana Khan can be seen discussing Vishal Kotian and his spineless talks.

Every season of Bigg Boss has surely had a pair of housemates who sees through or claims to see through some fellow housemate’s game and spineless support and talks. One such pair, so far, in this season of Bigg Boss has been Umar Riaz and Afsana Khan who were recently seen discussing Vishal Kotian and his game tactics where he flips on his own statements.

In the Unseen Undekha clip of Bigg Boss 15 shared by Voot, Umar and Afsana can be seen sitting next to the pool, where Umar was saying that “Rajiv called Shamita from London and asked her to stay close to Nishant as he is close to Rajiv as well. Shamita came into the house and became friends with Vishal, who have been close to Ieshaan since the past four weeks of the show. In the morning, Vishal was telling Ieshaan that he will be right next to him in any situation, but last evening, Vishal was dissing Ieshaan behind his back.” Afsana kept acknowledging and agreeing with Umar as he continued saying that “Vishal says that he plays by his heart and not his mind. He is the biggest liar in the house. He is so impure from the heart in this game.”


Afsana then talks about how Shamita and Vishal made claims during the captaincy task about how they would have splitter everyone had they been a part of the task. Afsana further said that “When Bigg Boss announced that the task has begun, Vishal started crying again as he realised that things have now become clear for the housemates.”