Bigg Boss 15: The Rebel inside Neha Bhasin awakens!

In a clip of Bigg Boss 15, Neha Bhasin talks about her tattoos and reveals that she was a rebellious student in school and college.

Participants in every season of Bigg Boss usually have some interesting background of their personality. In season 15 of Bigg Boss, Neha Bhasin is the participant who has a rebel inside her. In a recent clip, she was seen talking about it with Jay Bhanushali.

In the Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, Neha and Jay can be seen sitting near the Kitchen area where Karan asks Neha about her tattoos. Neha says, “These are my father’s initials, A.B., Ashok Bhasin. My siblings and I, all got the same tattoo after my father’s death. We wanted to share a tattoo and we got this.” Nishant Bhat comes to join the conversation and asks Neha, “What about the tattoo under the initials, the ‘Nangesh’ one?” Neha laughs and says, “This was when I was young, around 21-22 years old.” After some silence, Jay asks, “Were you the rebel character in college?” Hearing this, Neha says, “I was a rebel in School too. At times, I do not want to be a rebel. It is just that at times the world is going on a different track and you are on a different track, so you just become a rebel. I did not have such intention.”


Neha continued saying, “After looking at my baby pictures, I asked my mother that I was so cute as a child, why do people don’t look at me that way, to which she said that nobody likes a cute baby with a big mouth to speak. My teachers used to hit me, and I used to wonder why they don’t like me and my mom said that I used to answer them back since childhood.” Neha then continued to talk about how teachers used to be strict during their school time as compared to now.