Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash makes a hilarious request; Says, “Bigg Boss baby jara temperature badha do”

Tejasswi Prakash makes a hilarious request to Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 15 house has strong connections but Tejasswi Prakash has dramatic and hilarious connections. In one of the Live Shorts it is seen that Tejasswi makes a hilarious request to Bigg Boss. The snippet starts with Umar and Karan discussing strategies about Ticket To Finale task. Later Rakhi, Rajiv, Devoleena and Pratik are chilling in the living area where Pratik and Devoleena are sitting together and Rakhi pass a comment that,”Isse kehte hai jodi.” Rakhi then sees herself with Rajiv and laughs to which Pratik says,”Isse dekhte hai jodi, aur usse kehte hai joda.”

The focus then goes to Tejasswi and Karan where the duo are sleeping and Bigg Boss gives a wake up call. Tejasswi then tells,”Mene calculate kiya 30 seconds hua hai, Bigg Boss baby aap sirf mujse hi pyaar karte hao, itna obvious maat karo.” Later she is seen entering the main area where all of other housemates are also sleeping.


Tejasswi then makes a request saying,”Bigg Boss baby aap chahate ho ki saab log ese hi bethe blanket mene, aap temperature badhaa do.” She further adds that everyone are in their blankets as the AC temperature is so less and making the atmosphere cosy. Tejasswi mentions,” Mene itne acchi dress pehni hai, aur aap yeh temperature..”

At the end Tejasswi also mentions that Bigg Boss baby should raise the temperature as the atmosphere will then get hot and housemates will get out from their blankets and pick up arguments with each other.