Bigg Boss 15: Sparks of a new bond between Shamita Shetty and Rashami Desai?

A bond going to start between Shamita Shetty and Rashami Desai. The duo are seen chatting and having good conversations.

Bigg Boss 15 house has some strong bonds while some heart felt enmities. The house is known for creating such situations and making some bonds that will stay for life. The Ticket To Finale task had decided a lot about bonds as housemates payed the cost of breaking friendship to be in the finale.

Pratik and Nishant had a heated argument and decided to fly individually in the game. On the other hand Tejasswi and Karan had disputes but they later summed it up. Now it seems the new bond it going to start as Shamita and Rashami are seen bonding in the task Ticket To Finale and even the other day where in morning the duo are seen spending quality time together according to Live Feed. The duo were discussing about relationships and love in general.


Shamita also played with Umar Riaz and supported Karan in the game. Which was a shocker for many as the duo do not share that good bond but equations are changing in the house. Somewhere old bonds are breaking and new bonds are made. It will be interesting to watch Shamita and Rashami together and  in case she enters the group of Karan, Umar, Rashami and Shamita, it will be amazing for viewers!

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