Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty’s mother reacts to her daughter getting mocked for her injury

Shamita Shetty’s mother spoke about her daughter’s injuries and shared her disappointment over Shamita who was made fun of for her injuries

Bigg Boss 15 is getting closer to the end, and the show has recently gotten a lot of attention due to the constant drama and controversies. Rakhi Sawant was seen criticizing Shamita Shetty’s shoulder injury in the last Bigg Boss 15 Weekend ka Vaar episode wherein the host Salman Khan joined in and laughed at Shamita.
Shamita Shetty’s mother, Sunanda Shetty, recently broke her silence on the incident, saying she was “quite disturbed” to witness how Shamita’s swollen injury was treated as a joke in a media interview.

In the interview, Shamita’s mother said, “Shamita was gravely hurt during a task, yet she refused to give up despite the MRI prognosis. We were concerned about her safety, but she insisted on continuing, and we accepted her decision. I was particularly upset to see how Shamita’s swollen injury was treated as a joke by a fellow participant inside in the most recent show. Although the channel took good care of her physical condition, several contenders believed she was lying about her discomfort.”
She went on to say that as a mother, she is really proud to witness Shamita giving it her all in difficult situations with dignity, loyalty, clarity, and crystal-clear ideas in the show.