Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty’s marriage prediction; Nishant Bhat warns, “Raqesh Bapat is a difficult man”

In the WKV episode, Janardhan Baba predicted Shamita Shetty’s marriage life. Nishant Bhat warns her about Raqesh Bapat.

The latest Weekend Ka Vaar Bigg Boss 15 episode saw the entry of Janardhan Baba, who came onto the show to tell the future events of the Bigg Boss 15 contestants.
During Shamita Shetty’s reading, Janardhan Baba revealed to her that she would have a good year when it comes to her professional life. He added that she would make great luck with the direction and production work.
Talking about Shamita’s love and marriage, Baba shared that she will marry an ordinary man. However, his luck will grow after their marriage. Janardhan Baba added that the two of them will lead a happy married and rich life. Shamita Shetty then asked him about the kids she might have in the future. Janardhan Baba replied that she might have two kids – a girl and a boy.
Hearing the prediction, Shamita cannot content her smile. She happily told Nishant Bhat, “I am going to get married this year. I don’t know the man yet.” He then took Raqesh Bapat’s name, Shamita denied reasoning that she doesn’t know him that well yet. Nishant Bhat agreed and warned Shamita that, Raqesh is a difficult man.
However, Shamita didn’t like what she heard about Raqesh and told him not to be judgmental about her friends.