Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty titled as ‘Tigress Of Bigg Boss’; Fans say, “Shamita deserves to be the winner”

Shamita Shetty titled as ‘Tigress Of Bigg Boss’. Fans show support as the actress stands up for fair game and plays the game with elegance.

Shamita Shetty is one of the strongest contestant and has nailed the game with her elegance. The actress was seen like a one man lady fighting with Rakhi as she was standing up for what is right. The way Shamita was keeping her point forward without any hesitation and without any fierce like a lioness. Fans are supporting her and totled her as tigress. Shamita, Karan and Rashami were standing up against Rakhi and her bias decision. 

One of the tweet stated,”As a #RubinaDilaik fan, I am very thankful to #ShamitaShetty for giving it back properly to that 2 evil women, Devoleena and Rakhi. Btw I want Devo and Rakhi to come every season and get insulted like this.”


The other tweet read,”Such a good person shamita is..even after hearing so much sh* t from rakhi she praises her..still defends teja while teja does not leave any opportunity to try showing shamita in bad can she not be a one deserves like shamita to be a winner #ShamitaShetty.” Have a look at some of the tweets here:

There is no doubt that Shamita is a full package of entertainment, vocal, opinionated and loyal to her relations in the house. Do you support Shamita Shetty? Comment us down and let us know your views on it. For more updates stay tuned with us!