Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty quizzes Vishal Kotian on undergoing a plastic surgery; The latter’s answer will leave you in splits

Shamita Shetty questions Vishal Kotian whether he has undergone plastic surgery to get fuller lips.

In a Bigg Boss 15 Extra Masala snippet, Vishal Kotian, Shamita Shetty, and Neha Bhasin were conversing about Vishal’s thick lips. Lazing around on their beds inside the BB house, Shamita asks Vishal, “If he has undergone any plastic procedures?” The reason behind the question was that both Shamita and Neha find Vishal’s lips to be large and pouty.
Vishal nods in denial to their question and jokingly states, “Jeetne paisa ka filler hai, mein utne paise ka khau nahi?”
Laughing at Vishal, Neha shares that she is afraid of getting Lip Fillers as they might ruin her lips. Assuring Neha, Shamita tells her that she doesn’t even need a filler done as her lips are already perfect. Pointing at her lips she tells the trio that she might need to undergo plastic surgery to give shape to her lips.
Processing with the discussion Neha and Shamita starts listing out the best surgery procedures out there to get fuller lips. The list starts with Lips fillers, Hyaluronic acid to other complicated procedures.

Describing her most preferred procedure she explains that the procedure includes cleansing of pores and usage of oxygen. The result of the procedure gives the person super smooth skin but  she forgets the name of the procedure.