Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty is upset with Karan Kundrra as she clarifies her kitchen duties after falling ill

Shamita Shetty gets upset at Karan Kundrra for asking her to clarify her kitchen duties.

In the recent Bigg Boss, 15 Live Shorts clip Shamita Shetty is seen being upset with Karan Kundrra and other housemates. In the clip, Shamita also clarifies her part of kitchen duties despite falling ill. The Live Shorts clip, starts with Karan Kundrra attempting to convince Tejasswi Prakash by apologizing to her. The couple then proceeds to give each other a long hug.
Afterward, when the two of them have finished with the romantic gestures the two of them proceed to head to the kitchen to accomplish their Kitchen duty for the day.

When Karan asks Shamita all the duties that she might be able to take on. Shamita then clarifies that she has been dishwashing for the past 2 months and will continue with that duty.
Later on, Shamita gets a little upset with Karan for asking her to clarify her duties. She reasoned to him that she is sick and despite that, she is ready to perform her duties. However, he and the housemates are being ridiculous by asking her such a question. Karan then explains to him that he was asking her because he wanted to help her out.


Upset with the housemate’s reaction Shamita storms by saying that she will take on dishwashing for the breakfast from tomorrow.