Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty discloses that she was a rebellious child; Tags herself as a ‘trouble kid’

In an extra masala clip, Shamita can be seen telling her childhood stories to Nishant.

In a recent Bigg Boss 15 Unseen Undekha clip, Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat are having a conversation. When Nishant Bhat asks Shamita a question about her childhood. Nishant asks, “What type of child were you?” Shamita replies that she was a very rebellious child. Her answer shocked Nishant as he is used to seeing her as a calm and poised person.

Explaining further Shamita said, “I calmed down now because I am realized that I didn’t like being that way.”
She further adds, “I used to be the problem child. The exact opposite of what Shilpa used to be.” Shamita is talking about her older sister Shilpa Shetty who she describes as nice and bubbly in personality.


When asked about why she used to be a problem child, Shamita replied that she had a lot of anger inside of her due to personal issues at her home.
Hearing the actress talk about her rebellious nature, Nishant was expressed his shock. In the end, Shamita shared with him that, now she only shows to the people who get on her bad side.

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