Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty and Abhijeet Bichukale get into a heated argument; The former threatens, “Tereko padegi merese”

Shamita Shetty and Abhijeet Bichukale argue Shamita Shetty thinks, the latter called her names.

In the recent Bigg Boss 15 episode, viewers got to witness a series of fights and arguments erupting during the task. The BB house turned into a battlefield for the house members as there were intense fights between Karan Kundrra and Pratik Sehajpal and later between Shamita Shetty and Devoleena Bhattacharjee. If that wasn’t enough for the day, An argument between Shamita and Abhijeet Bichukale transpired as well.

Shamita who was already seething with anger dumped it all-out on the wild card entry Abhijeet. It all happens at the end of the third round of the task. When Abhijit commented saying, “Abhi mein chahe titliyan ho, kutiyan ho, kuch bhi ho mein unke pankh chaatunga.”


For the task, Bigg Boss had installed a big spider in the jungle area of the house. Which is exactly what Abhijit was referring to. However, Shamita thought, he saying this to her and got offended. She said, “Who are you calling a bit*h.” Abhijeet tried to explain to her but she was not having it.

Getting furious, She called, “Tu next time bolega na tereko padegi merese.”

Abhijeet continued to explain to her that he did not abuse her and not to cause a scene for the camera. He even told her to behave as she is Shilpa Shetty’s sister.
Furious with his statement, Shamita said, “I am Shamita Shetty.” As the latter continued to argue, Devoleena Bhattacharjee came in support of Abhijeet and told the actress that he did not take anyone’s name.