Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan laughs at Rakhi Sawant imitating Shamita Shetty’s curling actions; Upsets Shamita- “It irritates me that people find it amusing “

As Salman Khan roasts Shamita Shetty for making excuses to avoid doing household chores in the name of injury, Rakhi Sawant imitates her leading to Shamita Shetty getting irritated and upset.

In the last Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar episode, the host Salman Khan questioned Shamita Shetty for avoiding doing household chores in the name of her injuries as she can comfortably curl her hair without any assistance. Shamita is mocked by Rakhi Sawant, who is also seen imitating her. Shamita claims that the doctor is aware of the situation.
Rakhi imitates Shamita’s expression and hand movements when she curls her hair and then excuses herself from performing the housework. Shamita claims she can only move her hand forward, not sideways. “I have an injury,” she explains, “and I don’t like Rakhi making fun of it.” Shamita demonstrates how she curls her hair with her hand.
Shamita seems offended, but Salman can be seen laughing heartily. Salman instructs Rakhi to reenact Shamita. “Why do you have to shift your hand sideways when doing the dishes?” Salman mocks Shamita, who can’t stop laughing. He also makes amusing hand gestures. “I can’t reveal information because it’s personal,” Shamita explains. And it irritates me that people find it amusing.”
Shamita claims it’s not funny because she’s in pain due to a frozen shoulder. “I can’t say anything and I don’t want to show anything.” But I’m in a lot of agony.” She also tries to put a halt to Salman’s laughter. She tells Rakhi that it’s not funny and that she should feel sorry for her.
“It’s ok,” Salman laughs and tells Shamita.