Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan bashes Karan Kundrra’s ‘over-possessive’ behaviour, while praising Tejasswi Prakash’s patience

Salman Khan scolds Karan Kundrra for his overprotective behavior with Tejasswi Prakash

In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan schooled the contestants of the house for their bad behavior in the past week. In his schooling session, Salman also bashed Karan Kundrra for his possessive behavior towards Tejasswi Prakash.
The host started by reprimanding Karan for being insecure with Tejasswi and her friendship with ex-contestant Vishal Kotian or with Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat. He also questioned Karan for not standing up to Umar when the latter was mistreating Tejasswi.

Salman then pointed out Karan’s double standard and said that he maintains a friendship with the contestants of the house however doesn’t let Tejasswi do the same. Salman said, “You have fallen for her but you have never supported her. You’ve never protected her or taken a stand for her.”
Karan then explained, “I am protective about her. I stand by her. I have never felt like this before.” He then added that Tejasswi doesn’t think the same about him and the two get into arguments.
Salman at the instance pointed out the instance when Umar called accused Tejasswi about her being a priority above Shamita for Vishal. He even told that Rajiv called her ‘Two-face’ and yet Karan never stood for her.


He even pointed out that he never apologies correctly to Tejasswi even though he chased Umar for four days at once. He then asked Tejasswi if someone would bad-mouth Karan would she not defend him. She replied that nobody dares to do so in front of her. The latter forgave Umar and Rajiv. When Salman joked, “Teja tum ushe kuch sikhati kyu nahi.”