Bigg Boss 15: Ritesh’s first wife makes domestic violence allegations; says, “He beat me with a belt for four hours”

Ritesh’s first wife Snigdha Priya has spoken up about Ritesh and alleged him for domestic violence.

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh entered the show as a wildcard. Now, Ritesh’s first wife Snigdha Priya has come forward and spoken some shocking facts about her husband Ritesh. It is reported that the two first got married in Bettiah Bihar in 2014 and their son was born a year later, as per the lady Snigdha Priya.
His alleged first wife also told in an interview that, they have their roots in West Champaran Bihar. She said that she got separated from Ritesh in 2017 after he beat her up. First wife Snigdha disclosed that Ritesh one day beat her up with a belt for four hours when they were staying in Chennai. She said that her in-laws had come over and there was a small issue. She added that Ritesh locked her up in a room and kept whipping her for four hours.

After the incident, she left him and came back to Bihar. Snigdha also shared that, the two of them meet up frequently as her son is quite attached to his father.
The woman revealed that Ritesh is very manipulative and gaslighting. She shared that she met Ritesh after her sister found him online on a matrimonial site. She disclosed that her family had given him a dowry of 25 lakh as he claimed to be an IIT alumnus. She told that Ritesh is was originally from a middle-class family and is only after money.


She revealed that Ritesh is only with Rakhi because of her money because which he claims to love her.