Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai shares her feelings on Non-VIP contestants withholding food; Says, “It is a shallow mentality”

Rashami Desai shares her feelings on non VIPs withholding food from the VIP members to Nishant Bhat

In a recent Bigg Biss 15 Live Shorts Clip, Rashmi Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, and Nishant Bhat are having a conversation sitting near the bathroom area. The clip starts with Nishant asking a few questions to Rashmi Desai. She answers the questions honestly.
Then the discussion shifts to Rashmi Desai calling Devoleena out about always having Pratik’s back. However, Devoleena chooses to stay silent on the matter and continues with her work.
Later on, Rashmi Desai complains to Nishant about Non VIPs refusing to cook for the house.
Rashmi feels like not providing the food to house members despite the instructions is a ‘Shallow minded’ thing to do.
She says, “Tumlog dil mein grudges rakhte ho aur bolte nahi ho phir khane ke time par sara gusa nikalte ho. Aisa dikhe aata hai jaise fatati hai tumhari.” Nishant disagrees. Rashami further adds, “Yeh sahi nahi hai na, yeh bahut Shallow Mentality hai.”

Devoleena agrees with Rashami’s statement.Nishant then provides a solution that, if no one is cooking for them then they should cook their food individually. Denying the suggestion, they tell Nishant that in rules it is told that VIP members of the house are not supposed to cook or do the household chores.


In the end, Rashmi adds that if she were to fight with someone, she would not withhold food from them instead would fight on other matters.