Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai reveals that Umar Riaz is just a ‘good friend’; Says, “Nothing can happen beyond friendship”

Rashami Desai clears the status of her relationship with Umar Riaz, post her eviction.

Bigg Boss 15 is about to get its winner with the Grand Finale episode going on currently. While Nishant Bhat walked out with the cash prize bidding adieu to the Bigg Boss 15 trophy. However, Previously, in the last finale episode, Rashami Desai got evicted on account of scoring the least amount of votes from the audience. The actress eviction announcement was made by her mother herself. Rashami Desai in the recent updates talked about her relationship status with Umar Riaz. During the finale, host Salman Khan teased the actress with Umar’s name, to which she reveals that they are just friends! Rashami says, “Sirg dost hai hum. Only ‘good friends’, nothing beyond that is possible.”

To those uninitiated, after the entry of Rashami Desai as the wild card, due to her chemistry with fellow contestant Umar Riaz, the rumors flew about them liking each other along with UmRash shippers. The couple were even seen sharing a couple of cozy moments in the season.


Umar Riaz too clarified not dating Rashami Desai after he was evicted from thee Bigg Boss 15 house.