Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai is ready for a love angle with Ritesh; Says, “Bhai, mera toh yeh aakhri hai”

Rashami Desai to have a love angle with Ritesh in future?

Bigg Boss house has changed a lot after the VIP members entering the house and changing scenario. In one of the Bigg Boss Unseen Dekha, it is seen that Rakhi and Ritesh take a stroll and Ritesh warns Rakhi to be careful if there is a snake. Rakhi then says, “Mein itne bade aajgar se shaadi hui hai, saap se kya drana aab.”

Pratik also enters the conversation when Rakhi brings him. Ritesh says that  he likes Pratik and so does Pratik like him as he is very respectful. Pratik agrees and says, “Haa, full powerpack hai.” Rakhi then further says that Ritesh likes Rashmai and Rashami also said I love him to him.


Ritesh says ,”7 jaanam toh Rakhi ke saath hai, 8 va aapke saath.” Rashami then join hands and says, “Bhai, mera toh yeh aakhri hai.” Rashami then says that she is done with love and very happy now. The video concludes with all of them laughing on this! Rashami was married to Nandish Singh Sandhu but later they parted their ways after ceratin years of marriage.

Rashami was seen with Arhaan in Bigg Boss 13, but they parted their ways onscreen only after Rashami came to know that Arhaan has children and that truth was hidden from her.