Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai gets emotional talking about her family with Tejasswi Prakash

Rashami Desai talks about her family and her two children!

In the recent Bigg Boss Unseen Undekha snippet, Rashami Desai is seen getting emotional after she saw Rakhi Sawant talking to her mother on the phone.
Rashmi confided her feelings to Tejasswi Prakash. She revealed that seeing Rakhi get emotional about her mother, she started missing her family as well.
Talking about her family, she disclosed that. She was the troublemaker of the house so much so that, her mother has instructed her to win the show this time around.
In the clip, Rashmi Desai also talks about her brother and her two children.
Talking about her brother, Rashmi shares that her brother like any other brother, loves to get on her nerves. She further added that, due to his aggravating antics, they always get Into silly fights even in front of their children.
Rashmi revealed that her children are the exact opposite of her as they don’t like to cause trouble at all.
Sharing a cute moment, she discloses that whenever the two of them fight, her son comments in English saying, “You know what, we are decent than both of you.”
While her daughter crosses her arms and gives them disapproving sigh. Chatting about her children with Tejasswi, Rashmi gives out a burst of healthy laughter.