Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai calls Pratik Sehajpal ‘Chalti Phirti Galati’ while the latter throws a cup in retaliation

Rashami Desai and Pratik Sehajpal get into a heated argument as the former supports Nishant Bhat and calls Pratik a living mistake.

Bigg Boss 15 has been taken an exciting turn as it is filled with full of fighting and controversy. Rashami Desai and Pratik’s Sehajpal dispute today became so heated that Rashami referred to Pratik as his parents’ living mistake.
Nishant and Pratik have been fighting nonstop since yesterday. Following suit today, Nishant began proclaiming that everyone here is phony and unreal at one point. Pratik pursued him and interrogated him about what he had ever done for him. Nishant screamed angrily that he is a selfish person, and Rashami screamed back that Nishant always played for him when he needed him.
While Pratik initially ignored her, her yells and curses drew his attention, and he dubbed her a liar. Rashami frequently labeled him a fool, prompting him to inquire as to whose fault it was. ‘Chalti Phirti Galti,’ Rashami responded. Pratik screamed at her, warned her not to say anything and to include his parents. Pratik, enraged, flung her cup from her hand while she told him not to play the sympathy card. As the fight was about to take a worse turn other house members barged in and escorted both parties away, the whole yelling event came to an end.