Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai breaks down after talking about her divorce

Rakhi Sawant asks Rashami about her personal life and divorce. Latter breaks down afterwards

Rashami Desai had another shaky moment on the most recent episode of Bigg Boss, 15 due to a debate regarding her life. Rashami Desai’s personal life has been in the spotlight several times in the past few years. Whether it was her first marriage with Nandish Sandhu, her divorce, or her relationship and breakup with Arhaan Khan, she has had a lot of success.
Rakhi Sawant inquired about Rashami’s divorce from Nandish during an intimate chat. The latter declined to say anything and stated that she did not want to discuss it.
Rashami informed Rakhi that she doesn’t want to talk about it since it would affect the life of the other person (Nandish). She went on to say that she and he are both in a good place right now, and she doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that. Rashami went on to say that she doesn’t feel comfortable discussing something that could harm his life. “Mere bolne se kisi ka bura hoga,” she explained, “main nahi karti.” “Accha bura hoga?” Rakhi questioned in response.
Rashami was later observed crying as she sat by the pool in the garden area. Meanwhile, Rakhi, who appeared irritated by her, vented her frustrations to Abhijeet Bichukale and Umar Riaz. Rashami has always been keen to chat about the former’s personal life, but she has never told her anything about hers, she said. “Shaani hai woh, dedh shaani hai,” Rakhi added when Umar had left.