Bigg Boss 15: Rashami and Umar have a discussion over their bond; former says, “Rakhi hum dono ki jodi bana rahi hai”

Rashami and Umar have a discussion over their bond as Rakhi Sawant is playing games on both side.

Bigg Boss 15 house has some strong bonds as Pratik and Nishant, Karan and Tejasswi and Rashami and Umar. In one of the Extra Masala snippet it is seen that Rashai warns Umar not to believe anything that Rakhi says to her. Rashami says that,”Rakhi dono baaju game khel rahi hai.” She further adds that,”Hum dono ki jodi bana rahi hai.”

Umar also says that Rakhi tells him about Rashami and keeps talking about her. Rashami then mentions that Rakhi asked her about Umar and said,”I told that we are friends, like Umar accha ladka hai n all.” She also mentioned that Devoleena is tensed about Rashami and Umar’s bond. Umar then laughs and says that he needs to keep distance from Rakhi.


Rashami and Umar later plan that they will expose Rakhi when the correct timing is there as she is cooking some story between the duo. There is no two ways that viewers love to watch Rashami and Umar together as they look immensely cute and adorable.

Rashami avoid to have a personal relationship in the house and does not even talk about it from her past experiences. For more updates and details from house stay tuned with us!