Bigg Boss 15: Raqesh Bapat furious at makers for making fun of Shamita’s injuries

Raqesh Bapat tweets in support of Shamita Shetty after she was made fun of in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. He was furious with the makers for making a joke of an injury.

During The Weekend ka Vaar episode, Rakhi Sawant mocked the actress for how effortlessly she curls her hair with a blow dryer but complains of discomfort when asked to do household duties. Shamita Shetty was seen making faces and noises while making fun of her injury. The host Salman Khan chuckled at the impersonation and told Shamita to accept it in humor. The actress informed Salman it wasn’t humorous and sought to explain her injury to him.
On the whole ordeal, Shamita Shetty’s love interest Raqesh Bapat got furious and condemned the makers for making an injury into a joke while thanking Nishant Bhat for his support to Shamita on his Twitter handle.
Raqesh said, “Sense of humor? Entertainment? This is clearly hitting below the belt, PERIOD Stay Safe, take care, and see you soon. @Shamita Shetty your dignity makes you a winner already. ThanQ (Thank you) #NishantBhat” tagging Bigg Boss 15 in the tweet.
Later on in the episode, Shamita Shetty was upset with happenings and enraged, saying she should have listened to her family and not returned to the show, but she was a fool for not doing so. She told Nishant that she wanted to go out of the house and that she no longer wanted to play the game. Nishant consoled her and encouraged her not to give up, like a good friend would.