Bigg Boss 15: Raqesh Bapat cheers for ‘Captain Shamita Shetty’ for the Captaincy Task, through a tweet

Shamita Shetty competes in the captaincy task and wins it. Raqesh Bapat cheers for ‘Captain Shamita’ in a tweet.

As the Bigg Boss 15 has been extended, the contestants of the house are seen gearing up for the newest ‘Captaincy Task’ in the upcoming episode. The task is held for the VIP contestant of the house to compete for the position of Bigg Boss 15 house captain.
Shamita Shetty is one of the VIP contestants who will be seen competing in the Captaincy Task. As she wins the captaincy task becoming the first captain of Bigg Boss 15 house, Shamita Shetty’s lovers Raqesh Bapat have reached out in support of the actress ahead of the task. In his message, Raqesh Bapat is seen cheering for ‘Captain Shamita.’ Taking to his Twitter handle Raqesh wrote, “Captain @ShamitaShetty! Way to go!! @ColorsTV @BiggBoss #biggboss15 #ShamitaShetty.”


Replying to the tweet a fan said, “Good to see your message Raqesh and very happy to see Shams as a captain. She has earned it because of her loyalty you both are made for each other.” While another fan thanked Raqesh for supporting Shamita. “Thank you Raq for always being there for her! Hoping to see you both soon together after she comes with a Trophy.” tweeted the fan tagging Bigg Boss and Shamita Shetty.

Previously Raqesh has supported Shamita when her injuries were made fun of by Rakhi Sawant in a past WKV episode.