Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant talks about her poverty days; Says, “Meri maa din ki 3 duty karti thi, ghar pe 3 bhuke bacche the”

Rakhi Sawant tells Rajiv about her struggling days

Bigg Boss 15 house have contestants who have struggled in life to reach where they are today, Umar Riaz had struggled became a doctor to support his family and then follow his passion. Rakhi Sawant had one such struggling career as she has seen poverty. In one of the Live Shorts Rakhi is seen talking to Rajiv and recalls her poverty days. She says, “Tuje pata hai pe Jesus mein kyu itna maanti hu.” She further explains, “Mene bohat gareebi dekhi hai, mein hostel mein Jesus ko things maanti thi aur phir milta tha. Meri mom teen teen duty karti thi, khaana banati thi, ghar pe 3 bhuke bacche the, bukhe.”

She further adds that how her mother use to bring leftover food and they would eat. Later it is seen that housemates also have a debate over the duties and which contestant will do which duty. Umar is seen bringing all housemates and clarifying what will be convenient for all as VIP members have the power. At the conclusion Umar comes to a conclusion of duty and distribute the duties.


Rakhi is also seen flavouring Umar as she says, “Umar yaha pe bartaan dhone thodi na aaya hai.” At the end Rakhi and Rajiv are seen discussing the game and Rakhi’s old poverty days and how now she has money for survival. Rakhi’s mother is suffering from cancer currently and we wish her mother a speedy recovery.