Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant takes a class of Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat; Says, “Kaamchoor, na kaam ke naa kaaj ke”

Rakhi Sawant takes class of Pratik and Nishant; Calls them,” Kaamchoor, na kaam ke naa kaaj ke”

Bigg Boss 15 house contestants are at times at loggerheads and at times entertain viewers with their fun banter. In one of the Extra Masala snippet it is seen that Rakhi picks up a fun banter with the brothers. She comes and asks that why hasn’t the paneer cloth washed. To which Nishant says that he will do it at night. Rakhi being herself then alleges both of them that they don’t work and are Kaamchor.

Rakhi tells them to get up and do some work in the kitchen but the laziness in Pratik and Nishant made them not listen to her. Rakhi then tells them Kaamchoor ho tum log, na kaam ke naa kaaj ke dushman hai aannag ke.” The duo could not help but laughing listening this. Ritesh also enters this conversation and is with the duo.


Rakhi then takes off Nishant’s slippers and start hitting them with it and tells them to get up and perform their duties. The duo get up and then go to perform the duties assigned to them. The scene where Rakhi is hitting the duo is a delight to watch! Rakhi never fails to entertain and Pratik’s one liners to that is something no one wants to miss.