Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant shares a hilarious incident as she turns into a boxer; Says, “Mujhe hospitalized hona pada tha”

Rakhi Sawant turns boxer and showcases her boxing talent as she shares a story on the same

Bigg Boss 15 house has contestants who are multi talented they just don’t have one talent by wins hearts with all their talents. Rakhi Sawant is one such person as she shares her boxing experience. In one of the Unseen Undekha snippet she shares how one time she was there performing dance for an event and one boxer challenged if anyone want to compete with her.

Rakhi went in the ring she said,”Mene thi chitti jesi aur woh thi haathi jesi, ussne muje patka doo baar aur mene usse ek baar patka phir.” Rashami says how rakhi did a bravo job and entered the ring. Ritesh being a supportive husband also praised her. Rakhi then said,”Usske baad mein hospitalised ho gayi thi, mera surgery karna pada.”


Later Ritesh added that a couple of years ago she again met her and she defeated her in the ring. Rakhi elaborated,”Mene usse ek baar padka aur bhag gayi phir.” She expressed that she could do this as the boxer Khali had made her learn this technique which she executed. Umar could not help but laugh and praise Rakhi at the the same time. The snippet ended with rakhi narrating that this incident happened 2-3 years back and it took time for her to be back to normal.