Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant reveals she has fake teeth worth Rs.16 lakh; Tejasswi Prakash says, “Kya kuch bhi?”

Rakhi Sawant shares details about her fake teeth set. Shares that they cost her Rs. 16 Lakh.

In the recent Bigg Boss 15 unseen undekha clip, Rakhi Sawant, Abhijit Bichukale, and Tejasswi Prakash are seen having a conversation sitting around the kitchen area. When Rakhi reveals to everyone that every tooth of her are fake. Disclosing the details about the fake teeth set she shares that they cost her Rs. 16 Lakh in total. She told the housemates that she has gotten veneers teeth.

Hearing this, Tejasswi Prakash says, “Kya kuch bhi? How is this possible?” Rakhi explained to her that, her teeth are made from real elephant teeth. Hence reason is why they cost her so much.
Rakhi then asked Tejasswi, if she has any fake teeth. The latter admits that she has two fake teeth.


Sharing her story, she told housemates that her teeth broke during a shoot. She shared that the shoot was inside a moving bus and she fell while dancing.
In the latest updates, Tejasswi is seen getting into an argument with Pratik Sehajpal during an upcoming task for the non-VIPs members of the house.