Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant lashes out at Ritesh for disrespecting her; Says, “Tumhari izzat nai hogi koi, par meri bohot hai”

Rakhi Sawant warns Ritesh not to disrespect her but Ritesh laughs her off worsening the situation.

In the recent Bigg Boss 15 unseen undekha clip, Rakhi Sawant is seen lashing out in anger at Ritesh for continually disrespecting her inside the house. The video clip starts with Rakhi telling Ritesh that she has made her name and has connections all over the world. Rites try to stop her but Rakhi tells him to let her speak first. She says, “Pehle Mujhe bolne do Phir aap bolo.” The actress then continues telling Ritesh that the Prime Ministers from the USA, Bhutan, China, UK, and India all know her and that he cannot disrespect her.
She says, “Aap ek second mein meri bezzati nahi kar skte puri duniya mein near naam hai. Tumhari izzat nahi hogi koi par meri bahut hai world mein. Dedh shana banane ki kosish maat Karna samjha.”

However, Ritesh ignores her and laughs at her statement as he gets up from beside her. This action of his enrages Rakhi and she lashes out at him. She threatens to throw a cup at his head and tells him that to stop behaving like an idiot. Rakhi then goes on personally attack him and tells him that he is shorter than her. However, Pratik stops Rakhi and refrains her from attacking Ritesh on his physical attributes.
Ritesh making fun of Rakhi warns her that if she attacks his attributes then he will bring this up on the Weekend ka Vaar in front of Salman Khan.