Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant gets emotional after seeing her mother Jaya; Latter informs, “Beta Ritesh is waiting for you outside”

It is family week in BB15. Rakhi Sawant meets her mother Jaya who is a cancer survivor. The actress breaks down seeing her healthy.


In the current week of Bigg Boss 15, the housemates got a chance to reunite and chat -up with their families through a video conference call. The atmosphere of the house is full of joy and emotional tears.

In the recent episode, it was finally Rakhi Sawant’s turn to engage with her mother Jaya. As Rakhi’s mother came on the video conference call, Rakhi couldn’t help but hold her tears back seeing her mother’s hair grow back. The actress’s mother too got up from her bed and did a lot of jigs to show her that she is doing well. Rakhi’s mother also assured her that she is fit and fine and not to worry about her too much. Every one present during the video call also congratulated Rakhi for her mother’s growing health. However, unaware Tejasswi asked Rakhi what it is all about. Rakhi informs her by saying, ” She had Cancer.”In the video conference call, Rakhi’s mother also thanked the host Salman Khan for supporting her daughter.
To the uninitiated, Rakhi’s mother is a cancer survivor and underwent major surgery for the cancer of the gallbladder in 2021. When Rakhi had walked out of Bigg Boss 14 with cash for her mother’s treatment. Throughout, Salman Khan and his family aided Rakhi financially and morally.
In the end, She also assured Rakhi that her husband Ritesh is waiting for her outside. “Beta Ritesh is waiting for you outside. Don’t worry about him.” assured Rakhi’s mother.