Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant compares Abhijeet Bichukale with Mika Singh as she calls the former a ‘Pervert’

Rakhi Sawant scold Abhijeet Bichukale for his statement and calls him a Pervert

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi Sawant was seen calling Abhijeet Bichukale a pervert of asking Devoleena Bhattacharjee for a kiss in exchange for helping her in the latest ‘Ticket to Finale’ task.
In the episode, after Abhijeet made the statement, Devoleena Bhattacharjee told the housemates about the incident, and the fight between Abhijeet and her started. The entire house was divided with some supporting Devoleena while others supporting Abhijeet. One of Devoleena’s supporters was Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi scolded Abhijeet and asked him if he thinks himself as Mika Singh.
Rakhi said, “Dada yeh galat hai pappi lene aaye ho kya? Mika Singh ho tum? Acha Kone mein ishliye?”
Rakhi here was talking about the incident when Mika Singh had kissed her at a birthday party without her consent. Mika Singh was later arrested but was released soon after on bail. Abhijeet explained to her that here everyone kisses everyone, so I can kiss too.
Hearing this, Rakhi shouted at him and called him a ‘Pervert’
Devoleena, later on, explained to him that he is not supposed to kiss a woman unless she is comfortable. However, he threatened to throw his spectacles on the ground but refrained to do so after Devoleena dared him to go on.