Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant bothered by Ritesh leaving her post-elimination; says, “Bhaag maat jana tum”

Rakhi Sawant is distraught post-Ritesh’s eviction as she cries and begs him not to leave her again. The host Salman Khan consoles her as well.

The latest Bigg Boss 15 episode was filled with drama and sorrowful tears as the 2 of the contestants had to leave the Bigg Boss house after their elimination. Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh was one of the eliminated contestants of the season as he received the least amount of votes from the audience. The hubby’s eviction notice brought out the anxious side of the Rakhi Sawant as she started to worry about a bigger issue happening outside.
As Ritesh got up to leave the house after Salman Khan revealed that he has been eliminated from the competition. She ran behind him and tried to stop him. She became agitated and begged him not to leave. What disturbed her the most was Ritesh’s decision to leave her for good.
The actress pleaded with him saying, “Mujhe choddke mat jao,” she cried out, unable to keep back her emotions. “Canada wagera, tum baag mat jana.” “Tum mujhe chodd doge,” Rakhi said, holding his leg and expressing her concern.

As he encouraged her to participate in the game and to win the trophy for him. “Arey nahi chhodunga,” Ritesh murmured. Rakhi, however, continued to cry and beg him not to leave her.
When Salman saw Rakhi’s concern, he promised her that Ritesh would not abandon her. The host had already mentioned the latter’s misbehaviour with Rakhi while announcing his elimination.