Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant bashes Non-VIP members; Says, “Ande mein ho abhi tak”

Rakhi Sawant tells Umar Riaz that the non VIPs need to open up and reach their full potential.

In a recent Bigg Boss 15 unseen undekha clip, Rakhi Sawant along with Abhijit Bichukale are discussing the number of days spent by Umar Riaz, Rajiv Adatia, and Nishant Bhat. At the start of the clip, Abhijit asks Umar how many days has he spent inside the BB house. Umar shares that it has been 60 days since he first stepped foot in the house.

The two then discussed the number of days spent by Rajiv Adatia which is 45 days in total. Listening, to them Rakhi taunted the non-VIPs and said, “Itne din hogye phir bhi ande mein ho abhi tak.” She then urges, the boys to push themselves a bit note until they realize their full potential.


Umar then replies back to Rakhi. He says, “Ande mein nahi hai, desi murgi hai joh udna ka kosis kar rha hai. ”
The conversation then shifts to Prize money wherein Rakhi jokingly tells Umar that, they are already winners. Umar denies and tells her that, she lost the prize money though. Rakhi says, “Tumhe toh nahi diye na bas.”
On this he says, “Matlab khud bhi na khao aur hume bhi na khane de do aisa hai” To which Rakhi agrees.