Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant and Abhijeet Bichukale get into a heated argument; Former says, “Mene chaar shaadi ki hai, lekin honeymoon nahi manaya”

Rakhi and Abhijeet get into an heated argument

Bigg Boss 15 house has many arguments and heated debates with converts into massive fights. One such argument sarted between Abhijeet and Rakhi, where Abhijeet was pulling Rakhi’s leg by saying,”Tere bhaade ka pati hai, hire kiya hai.” This did not go well with Rakhi and she started yelling and got into an argument with Abhijeet stating, “Tu bhaade ka tatu hai, tune bola mera pati bhaade ka hai.”

Later Abhijeet tried to calm the scenario by saying that he was just having fun and was pulling her leg. Rakhi’s anger reached to another level and said,”Mene chaar shaadi ki hai, lekin honeymoon nahi manaya hai.” Rakhi is defintely entertaining and there is no two ways about her craft. The reports also speak that she is one of the finalist who has got Ticket To Finale. The actress had her own Swayamwar but did not marry the winner on the show and the assumptions are made that they had a secret marriage.


Rakhi has struggled a lot in the show business industry and has made her own ladder of success. She has been entertaining the viewers since ages and said, “Mein buddhi hojaungi lekin iss show mein aungi agar Bigg Boss bulayenge toh.”