Bigg Boss 15: Rajiv Adatia is Rakhi Sawant’s new husband, as Ritesh announces, “I am single and ready to mingle”

Rajiv becomes the new husband as Ritesh announces,”Bharat ki jatna I am single and ready to mingle”

Bigg Boss 15 house has the favorite jodi which gets immense love and support. Rakhi got married to Ritesh in July 2019 and she posted a picture on the same on her social media account. In one of the Unseen Undekha snippet Rakhi, Rajiv and Ritesh are seeing having fun. The new trio are nailing it with their jokes as Ritesh announces, “Bharat ki jatna I am single and ready to mingle.” Rakhi is in shook hearing this and asks Rajiv then, “Tum mere husband banoge”

Rajiv was drinking water and could not control his laughter on this and puked the water out. Rajiv was then angry and said, “Tumhe kitne baar bola hai, chai, paani pete time maat haso.” But later the trio could not control and laughed their hearts out. Ritesh is seen telling that he is now a celebrity and his female fan following will be increasing so he is now single.


Rakhi and Rajiv then entertain the viewers as Rakhi pull Rajiv’s hair and brings a laughter on our face as she says, “Niklo baar Rajiv se bahar niklo.” Rajiv also participated and then acted as if he has fainted. The snippet concluded with Rajiv getting fainted and housemates laughing at the scenario created by the trio!