Bigg Boss 15 PROMO: VIP and Non VIP at the same platform; Shamita Shetty accuses Umar Riaz, “You are a bitter person”

VIP and Non VIP at the same platform after Bigg Boss announces ‘aap log downward hote ho’

Bigg Boss 15 house has changing equations especially when tasks are performed for further survival in the race. In one of the latest promo’s it is seen that the equations are changed among the strongest bonds in order to let their favorite win the Ticket To Finale. The latest promo says that Bigg Boss announces that because of the money that is Rs 23 lakhs and even more VIP and Non VIP differentiation is now over and they will live like other members of the house.

The promo also speaks about the massive fight between Rajiv and Shamita. In order to get their person get Ticket To Finale there are trust issues between the brother and sister. Rajiv is seen loosing his calm and says,”Bhaad mein jao tum saab.” Shamita later comes and accusses Umar for Rajiv’s outburst on her and sats,”Mera terese jo bond hai usske gehra aur lamba bond hai iske saath.” Rajiv is also seen accusing Tejasswi for cornering him during the tasks.


Shamita has a massive allegations and accuses Umar by saying, “You are a bitter person, tumne bohat sari darkness hai andar.” The house is going to witness changing equations as everyone are at the same platform and the race is now at the same level!