Bigg Boss 15 PROMO: Ticket to Finale will create a rift amongst best friends? Devoleena Bhattacharjee accuses Rashami Desai- “Tu safe khel rahi hai”

Devoleena and Rashami to part ways to be ahead in the race.

Bigg Boss 15 house has the task of Ticket To Finale and housemates are doing everything possible to let their VIP contestant to be in the finale. In one of the promo it is seen that Devoleena and Rashami get into a fight as their opinion differ. Rashami is seen telling,”Iss round ka vijayta Umar hai.” but Devoleena does not agree with it as she feels he has violated the rules and the majority is not there.

Rashami says,”Muje lagta hai sideline kiya gaya hai.” Devoleena then says that,”Tu safe khel rahi hai.” Devoleena then accuses Rashami,”Tuje lagta hai tu cornered hui hai, I have never played that card.” In the recent episode we also saw Devoleena breaking down in tears as she feels Rashami has changed and the equations are no more the same.


However, Rashami had taken stand for Devoleena but now it seems the battle is announced and the strongest friendship is going to get affected. To be the finalist it seem breaking of friendship is the cost. Rakhi, Ritesh and Abhijeet have planned their own game of breaking the friendship.Have a look at the promo here:

The friendship between the duo is from Bigg Boss 13 and was continued after the show as well. The duo have a strong connection and their bond is loved by the viewers. The question arises will the friendship end for the task or will the equations remain the same?