Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Salman Khan bashes Ritesh; Says, “Rakhi se aise batamezi se baat ki toh accha nahi hoga”

Salman Khan bashes Ritesh; Says,”Rakhi se aise batamezi se baat ki toh accha nahi hoga”

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar promo is out and Salman Khan bashes contestants and shows them the reality. Salman brings Ritesh behaviour towards Rakhi in the limelight and bashes him over it. Salman says,”Bade bade log apni biwi ke saath aisa pesh nahi aate hai,Rakhi se aise batamezi se baat ki toh accha nahi hoga.”

Salman Khan further address that his qualification is of no use if he behave like this with his wife. Salman Khan also tells Rakhi that she should took listen to Salman. He further asks Rakhi why is she tolerating all this to which Rakhi says,”Muje phirse chod ke chala jayega.” Salman also slams Ritesh by saying,’Are tumko janta kaun tha, Rakhi ke wajah se iss show mein aaye ho.” Have a look at the promo here:


In the recent episode also Ritesh was seen misbehaving with Rakhi and yelling at her. The past photos of Ritesh’s marriage and his ex-wife making allegations of domestic violence is also out on social media.

Rakhi and Ritesh also spoke about their marriage in the reality show of in what circumstances they had to get married. Salman Khan bashed Ritesh and the latest reports also speak that he is evicted from the house.