Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Rakhi Sawant passes a derogatory comment on Rajiv Adatia’s cooking skills; The duo gets into a heated argument

Rakhi Sawant and Rajiv Adatia get into a massive quarrel as Rakhi makes a derogatory remark on the latter’s cooking.

In a recent Bigg Boss 15 promo, Rakhi Sawant is seen getting into a massive quarrel with Rajiv Adatia. In the Promo, the VIP contestants are given the authority to assign household duties to Non-VIP members of the house.
Rajiv Adatia was given the assigned to be the cook of the house. Later on, as the promo proceeds, Rakhi use heard making a derogatory remark about Rajiv’s cooking.

Rakhi said, “The food has fully been spat on. Rajiv, you don’t be cooking from now on.” taking off Rajiv from cook duties.
Hearing the remark made by Rakhi, Rajiv thorns Rakhi not to make such remarks. Rakhi replies by saying, ‘Mein VIP Hu, Mein Bolungi.’ Angering Rajiv, the war continues to take an alarming turn, leading to the two pointing fingers at each other. At the end of, the promo Rakhi is shown hissing at Rajiv as she continues to argue with him.
Needless to say, Bigg Boss 15 has been spicing up with several fights sprouting out every now then.


In an earlier update, Pratik Sehajpal and Rashmi Desai got into a verbal quarrel about the kitchen duties. Their spat lead to a divide between VIPs and Non-VIP members of the house.