Bigg Boss 15 Promo: Abhijeet crosses his lines while flirting with Devoleena; Tejasswi takes a stand- “I am so close to slapping him”

Tejasswi seems to be mad with Abhijeet for crossing his lines with Devoleena.

Bigg Boss 15 house have contestants who flirt with each other as it is fun to watch the teasing and flirting scenes. But Abhijeet Bichukale has crossed the line it seems that he is seen telling Devoleena,”Tu mere liye made up karegi.” He is also seen telling him that he can do anything for her.

To a certain extend he is also seen blackmailing her, where Devoleena bursts out and says,”Mene aapko bola hai line cross mat karna.” Aap aisa karoge toh ‘Mujse bura koe nahi hoga’ She later confronts this to Tejasswi and says Tejasswi asks,”Woh tuje blackmail ker raha hai.” Tejasswi takes stand to Devo and says,”I am so close to slapping him.”


Pratik also takes stand for Devoleena and says,”Woh jhuth bol rahi hai kya toh phir.” Abhijeet tries to explain that he was just having fun with her. Have a look at the promo here:

We have seen earlier that Abhijeet flirts with Devoleena and the actress was not so okay with it but would ignore it. It seems that this the boundaries are crossed and it will be interesting to watch when this topic will be brought in Weekend Ka Vaar. Currently Devoleena has won to play the Ticket To Finale task and Abhijeet is nominated for the week.