Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal talks about Paras Chhabra; says, “Hum bhi kisi se kum nahi hai”

Pratik denies with Rakhi Sawant when she says Paras Chhabra knew the art of making the task raddh.

Bigg Boss house contestants always make it to the headlines and somewhere get into controversy. The Live Feed updates are here for you and we have brought one such update for you. It is seen that Pratik, Abhijeet, Rakhi and Devoleena are having a conversation where the reports of Fifafooz state that the topic of previous contestants occurred.

It is common that housemates talk about previous season contestants and Rakhi said that of Paras Chhabra would be here it would be a problem for other housemates as she say that he knew the art of making the tasks cancel(radh) very well. She further stated that,”Uske samme baaki sab paani kum chai hai.” Pratik Sehajpal did not agree with her and had a different opinion. Paras was a part of Bigg Boss 13 and won many hearts with his game and made a strong connection with Mahira Sharma in the game.


Pratik said that it is not true as even they have their own status. He stated,”Hum bhi kisi se kum nahi hai.” What is your take on this? Comment us down and let us know do you agree with it or not. For more updates stay tuned with us!