Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal reveals why he comes out as an ‘annoying’ person; Says, “Meri life ki experiences kuch alag hai”

In an Extra Masala video, Pratik Sehajpal is seen opening up on why he behaves in a particular way with anyone new around him.

Pratik Sehajpal, who was also a part of Bigg Boss OTT and is now a part of Bigg Boss 15, got quite infamous for his aggressive and annoying behaviour. In one such conversation with Jau Bhanushali, Neha Bhasin and Afsana Khan, Pratik reveals why he is, the way he is!

The Extra Masala video begins where all the four housemates are chilling in the garden area. Jay talks about Pratik’s game play saying, “Mene 2-3 hafte baad ye realise kiya mujhe tumse chidd machti hai. Tum jo behaviour ke sath OTT mein aye thei, wese hi same  yaha bhi aye thei.” Pratik calmly replies, “Mene lett kar ye baat kaffi sochi hai that meri ek bohot badi problem ye hai ki mein agar kai nayi jagah jata hua na, toh apne app ko ese project karta hu attacking mode mein hi, ki koi mujhe dabane ki koshish na kare!”

Agreeing to what Pratik said, Jay says, “Mera bhi esa hi hai, mein logo ko kaffi tough look hi dikhata hu but tera kesa hai ki tu kaffi aggressive hojata hai.” Pratik admits of doing so because he believes in not showing his sweet side, or else people try to take an advantage of that sweet person. However, Afsana has different thoughts on the same, as she adds, “Jo log tujhe pyaar karne wale hoge, woh toh tera acha side hi deserve karte hai na?” To which Pratik replies, “Meri life ki experiences esi hai na, ki ab maan nai karta.” He further reveals how school and college peer groups shaped up his personality like this, as he was always used by people for being the sweet one.





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