Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal is furious with Shamita Shetty as she pinpoints a pattern with girls; Former says, “Shame on you Shamita”

Pratik Sehajpal is furious with Shamita Shetty’s accusation of him regarding his pattern with girls.

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 on Monday, VIP contestants will get a unique power to save one of the non VIP housemates from the nomination process. As the VIPs listen to the housemate’s pitch, Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal will be seen locking heads with each other.

In the upcoming episode, Pratik will be seen stating that Shamita should be nominated as she always favors her friends and adds that the actress expects to get support from others even when she is wrong. Shamita on Pratik’s explained that she has always played her game openly and from her heart. Shamita is then heard telling Pratik to think before speaking.


Devoleenna Bhattacharjee who is the sanchalaak at the time adds that Shamita Shetty cannot take ‘no’ from anyone.
Shamita then called Devoleena unfair and biased. Shamita then pinpoints Pratik’s pattern inside the house with girls. She says, “I think you are annoying. One girl comes and you go after them, this is your pattern.” Furious with such accusations, Pratik says, ” Shame on you Shamita. What do you mean girls ke Saath Chalta hun mein yahan pe?”

Earlier, during the latest Weekend ka Vaar episode, Shamita Shetty did not see Pratik in the top 5 contestant list. Pratik blamed her opinion shift as he thinks it is because he didn’t stood for Shamita during her argument with Abhijit Bichukale.