Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Sehajpal empowers Simba Nagpal with words of wisdom

In Extra Masala of Bigg Boss 15, Pratik Sehajpal tells Simba Nagpal that hard work always pays off and asks him to trust the process.

Being a participant of Bigg Boss usually takes a toll on the individual’s mental, physical and emotional health. As the weeks go by, the housemates get tensed as an individual and also as a housemate and they tend to become the support of one another. In Bigg Boss 15, Pratik Sehajpal seems to become that support for Simba Nagpal who became a little worried about his performance and the results he might get.

In the Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 15, Pratik and Simba can be seen sitting in the Kitchen area where Pratik tells Simba that “If you are doing anything with all your heart, you will definitely get the reward for it.” Simba, who seems to be a little tensed, says, “I am not saying the reward should be a hundred per cent or the loss should be a hundred per cent, but it should be balanced. And if I see two people, one of them using shortcuts and the other doing hard work with all their heart in it, I would chose the latter as the winner because I can see that the first person is using shortcuts and is not doing their task or job sincerely.” Pratik comes forward with his argument and says, “Even if the person is using shortcuts and winning, then the person has won. It does not matter at the end for me if the person has won using shortcuts or anything.” Simba disagrees and says that this is not what he believes in. Pratik then protects his stand and says, “I do not believe in this as well but it is the people who do.”

Simba says, “I have seen many actors in the industry who have taken the help of money or any such foul means to get certain roles and when they go to perform, it shows in their performance that they are not worthy and capable of it.” Pratik then takes the opportunity to quote a very famous Hindi saying which goes “karm karo, phal ki chinta mat karo” He says, “I am just focused on the work I am doing, God is sitting above us all to judge me and the work I am doing in case I deserve to be rewarded. The reward is never my concern while performing.”


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